Post-Grad: Life After College

I graduated college on Saturday, May 9, 2015, and let me just tell you, it was one of the most satisfying days of my life! It's an incredible feeling to watch your friends and peers walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, and be rewarded for years of hard work.


College did not prepare me for the real world, however, and post-grad life is definitely not what I expected it to be.


You don't end up with your dream job the day after graduation, and to be honest, it's hard to get any job after graduation.


You're not living in a fabulous, one bedroom apartment in the city; you'll probably move back home with your parents into your childhood bedroom.


You won't have unlimited funds to spend on luxurious vacations, or really anything for that matter, because you'll be living paycheck to paycheck trying to pay off your student loans.


As a college grad, there will be expenses, disappointment, heartbreak, adventure, happiness, opportunity, and so much more. Post-grad life is filled with so many different feelings and emotions; that’s normal. You are finally entering the "real world," and it's definitely an adjustment. But it's worth it! You are gonna be just fine!