10 Thank-You's I Owe to my Guy Best Friend

10 Thank-You's I Owe to my Guy Best Friend

By: Alyssa Riegel

For all of the times that you’ve been my right hand and my emergency go-to, I owe you 50 million thank-you’s.



1. Thank you for never leaving my side.

For the past 6 years, you’ve been my best friend. You’ve been there through it all. From the good times to the bad, you’ve never left and I don’t tell you nearly enough how much I appreciate you.


2. Thank you for seeing my crazy side.

Lucky you! You’ve gotten the chance to see just how crazy, insane that I actually am. HA! Thanks for always giving me your social media passwords so that I could creep. Special thanks for always sitting down and creeping with me. Thanks for justifying my crazy irrational thoughts that make no sense and for always telling me that I’m crazy but you love me anyways. You’re the best.


3. Thank you for showing me that not all guys are complete jerks.

Throughout high school, you were there to prove that not all guys are complete idiots. For that, I owe you a million words that I could never figure out how to say.


4. Thank you for pretending to be my boyfriend in awkward situations.

I think the most important part of our friendship is how well we’ve perfected the pretend couple look. You’re always there to save me from the awkward conversation with a stranger or to just pick up the phone to talk to me as I walk past a group of boys late at night... even when you’re nine states away!



5. Thank you for always being down to take weird pictures with me.

I’m sorry that we ever thought CamWow or Photo Booth were good ideas? At the time, we thought we were taking over Instagram with our blue filtered photos... Now, we just realize that we were weird.


6. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams.

I think I’ve ran just about 37,864,582 ideas past you and every time I think that my most current one is insane, you give me the best pep talk about pursuing my dreams while I’m young. You tell me that I have the world at my hands. You give me the best advice to follow my heart whether it is moving to Disney, transferring schools, getting another tattoo or simply picking up a minor at school, you give me all the motivation I’ll ever need.



7. Thank you for being proud of me no matter how much I screw up.

Remember that time I failed a note taking class in high school? Or the time that I shattered my phone into a million pieces? Or the time that I missed deadlines in Pub? Or the time that I said the wrong thing? Yeah... Thank you for always having my back no matter what dumb thing I do. Thanks for always fixing my situations. Thanks for always helping me get back on my feet no matter how much I mess up.


8. Thank you for allowing me to get to know your family.

Your family members are some of the best people that I’ve ever met. Your mom is the biggest sweetheart in the entire world. Thanks to her, we matched for prom and were somehow on time. Your little sister also gives the best compliments in the entire world. Even when I would show up wearing yoga pants and my hair in a nasty, messy bun, she always reminded me how pretty I was. On the same note, thanks for always dealing with my insane family and for coming over for a camp fire and s’mores even though that meant hanging out with 10 or more of them.



9. Thank you for always knowing what to say.

On my worst days, you constantly know exactly what to say. You make the good days better. Most importantly, you bring my life constant joy with your continued positive messages and daily reminders of love.


10. Thank you for being you.

Six years later, and I still think you’re the bee’s knees. I think you’re a cool cat. I think you’re my favorite person on this entire planet. I’m forever grateful that we met during our awkward high school years and have stuck together this long. Thanks for your constant surprises, like flying home from Florida to surprise me at prom, sending me mail at school, and so much more. I don’t thank you enough and I could never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. Thanks for being the best, best friend ever. I love you, Cody.