10 Questions We All Have After Watching 13 Reasons Why


OK... So, you finsihed 13 Reasons Why... Now what? Of course we all have a million questions and thoughts running through our minds. We all have heard of this happening in real life, whether you knew the person or heard about it on Facebook. This series portrays such a tragic event that sadly happens everyday. We've all been there whether we were the bully or the one being bullied. As sad as it is, this is the raw truth and we watched every second of it without blinking. 

Now that it's over we have a millin questions, but we'll only ask these 10.


1. Does Bryce go to jail? We all know he should, but will he?

2. Does Courtney tell her dads about the tapes?

3. Why did Jeff need to die? 

4. What happens to Marcus? His story was a cliffhanger and we have absolutely no idea what's happening with him. 

5. What does Jessica's dad do? Hopefully it relates to our first question. 

6. Where does Justin go?

7. Where did Tony go? What happens to him?

8. Did Alex die? But more importantly, do we believe the Interent theory that he was shot insteading of shooting himself?

9. Does Sheri go to jail?

10. What do Hannah's parents do after hearing the tapes? Do they listen to all of them?