Your Quick Fix for Chapped Lips

If you’re as much of a lipstick or make-out enthusiast as I am, chapped lips just might be your worst enemy. I used to suffer from serious chapped lips, and it seemed like no matter what I tried, they just wouldn’t go away. Who knew that changing just a couple things in my routine would make the world of difference. Here is my own personal three (but really two) step strategy to combating chapped lips for immediate, and lasting, results! Everyone is different, though, so you won’t know what works best for you until you try!


1. Ditch the toothbrush and use a wet towel to scrub your lips instead!

Every morning before I did my makeup, I used to gently scrub my lips with a toothbrush (as I’d been recommended to in the past) to try to make them smooth. This hardly did me any good. I tried using a wet towel/washcloth instead and it changed everything. The towel is less harsh than the toothbrush bristles, and you have more control because you can use your finger to guide the towel. I do this twice a day. Once in the morning, and once before bed. Scrubbing like this has made, I believe, the biggest difference in my lip routine.


2. Use a lip balm that feels natural and lasts all day, or night

A big problem for me in the past was that I was using chapsticks that felt very thick and greasy and that presence on my lips would cause me to constantly rub my them together. Then, I’d rub it all away and put on more because my lips would feel dry. Finding a chapstick that felt more natural on my lips meant they were never dry and that I wasn’t fiddling with them. The chapsticks I used to use would also wear out easy, which meant I would wake up in the morning with dry lips. Having a long lasting one stopped this. I still use my old chapsticks, but only if its lightly over top of my lipstick, or the layer underneath. I always put on chapstick directly after I scrub my lips.


3. Start drinking more water if you want your lips to stay soft easier and for longer!

This is a big one, and one of the most repeated tips you will find out there. It’s repeated for a reason, though. It works! By keeping your body hydrated, you can do it a world of good (including helping with your chapped lips!) without having to use any products at all.


Just by switching up my routine with the first two steps, I’ve been able to achieve almost permanently soft and smooth lips for going about my day to day, and it’s noticeable! Hopefully you too can no longer meet any opposition when rocking your favourite lip colour, making out with a cutie, or in any other future endeavours!