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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

From ‘New York Minute’ to ‘‘Bobo Chic,’ Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were pop culture icons in the early 2000s. Yet, in recent years, the twins have not overly been in the public eye. So, what happened to them?

It’s no secret that the press in the early 2000s was brutal to many celebrity females. Unfortunately, the Olsen twins, especially Mary-Kate, received harsh criticism from the media over every move they made. 

Press coverage of the Olsen twins was primarily centered on their party lifestyles as New York University students and Mary-Kate’s struggle with an eating disorder. In a video posted to Youtube by Popicana, the narrator details the press coverage regarding the Olsen twins. Check it out to learn more about the twin’s lives. 

Obviously, extreme public attention and criticism can be damaging to anyone’s mental health. So maybe this was in of the reasons the twins settled down into a more hidden career choice. 

Nowadays, the twins are the designers behind the fashion label ‘The Row’ founded in 2006. The Row produces luxury, contemporary clothing and has received much success. Additionally, Ashley and Mary-Kate co-own ‘Dualstar’ a production company that produced many of the twin’s films. The twins have repeatedly said that they do not plan to act in any movies in the future. 

As recent documentaries about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have been released in the past year, public perception and narratives surrounding these women have drastically changed. This spikes some curiosity about if or will the Olsen twins come out with their own “redemption arc” piece to tell their truth behind the headlines. 


Kiara is an International Studies major concentrating in International Security and Conflict with a minor in Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University.