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Welcoming SFU’s New Genderless Bathrooms

Something you may not know is that Simon Fraser University has an “all genders” bathroom at its Harbour Centre location. I say you may not know because SFU did not turn this woke step in society into a huge ordeal. Instead, the school did it so under the radar that as someone who has had class there for two semesters, I had no idea that they had not one but two, and that’s the way It should be. Other institutions look for a pat on the back for having an inclusive place for individuals when they need to use the washroom, however, I applaud SFU for making this into something that doesn’t need a spotlight or a big reveal party. I am now bringing this to the forefront not because they didn’t, but because this should be the norm at every school, mall and any public place. Our bathrooms at home don’t have a gender-specific sign on the door, so why do we feel the need to separate ourselves everywhere else? SFU is creating a space for forwarding inclusive thinkers, by leading with a quiet hand, they show the students that this is indeed a place of higher education as well as an open community in which accepts everyone.

So, my question now is: Why do public places, schools etc. neglect to make “all gender” bathrooms available? And when they do so Why are they looking for someone to congratulate them? As much as a reveal party for a bathroom is an exciting event, we should be integrating “all gender” into more and more aspects as a norm instead of ostracizing the inclusivity that might make someone a little uncomfortable. Not to sound too much like a know it all millennial, but it’s 2018 people! Everything is changing including the way we look at gender and categorizing ourselves, in fact, labelling is out of style.

I genuinely appreciate how humble SFU Harbour Centre’s integration of these washrooms are and I hope to see more on all campus’s and everywhere around the city.


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