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Weekend Getaway to Bowen Island

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

We are so blessed to live in British Columbia, a magical, natural and beautiful wonderland.

While there are countless weekend getaways from Vancouver to choose from, I have chosen Bowen Island as my destination to escape the city hustle.

How to get there:

Bowen Island is the perfect location if you want to get away from the bustle of city life to experience vastly different scenery and utter relaxation. Bowen’s location makes it the perfect locale for a short weekend trip. The ferry runs hourly and takes only 20 minutes from the Horseshoe Bay terminal in North Vancouver to the Snug Cove Terminal in Bowen Island. The fare for an adult is $10 approximately, but if you are going with your vehicle, there will be an additional $30 charge. However, something to keep in mind is that the fare you purchase at Horseshoe Bay includes the trip back!

Where to stay:  

The Moulton Meadow Farm-Seaview Cabin

The Seaview Cabin is a gorgeous lodge situated right on Moulton Meadow Farm in Bowen Island. The cozy cabin with an epic sea view over the mountains and ocean is really unparalleled and stunning. The tiny house is thoughtfully outfitted and well equipped, and I enjoyed the fresh organic farm eggs from our hosts’ farm. It was almost too perfect to leave! I spent a good chunk of our time watching Netflix, eating delicious homemade food, and snuggling up with a coffee or hot chocolate. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway from hectic city life which is only half an hour away, then the Seaview Cabin (run by Karen and Corey) might be just what you are looking for.  

What to do: 

Artisans Square

Artisans Square is a small community with tons of really great cafes, local retail stores, fine arts, and wellness amenities. It is a place where you can spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the island – maybe with a hot drink and a slice of cake from Cocoa West Chocolatier or Artisan Eats Café. Don’t forget to hunt for those hidden gems and treasures from the shops and galleries around you.

Killarney Lake

If you are planning some outdoor activities during your stay in Bowen, the breathtaking Killarney Lake hiking trail may suit you best. Killarney Lake is an easy hour-round-trip offering a stunning lookout across the coastline. As you approach the lake, follow the path for 15 minutes and you will reach the first spot: Bridal Veils Fall, which offers impressive views from the flows of water. When you’ve finished gazing at the falls, continue walking for 20 minutes to Killarney Lake in order to take great photos from the multiple lookout points.

Secret recommendation: Eagle Cliff Beach

Enjoying the sunset with your significant other or friends is a perfect way to end a beautiful day in Bowen Island. Eagle Cliff Beach offers a glorious sunset view in which the strongest superlatives aren’t even enough to describe the magic. Note, it is better to walk down by foot unless you take your 4WD vehicle with you.   

Bowen Island is a perfect place to explore and relax, and there are countless beaches, hiking trails, eateries, and other outdoor activities to choose from. However, the weather was not the best during my visit, so I spent most of the time curled up, relaxing in the cozy cabin. Bowen Island is even more gorgeous during the summer time, with activities to keep you busy like kayaking and farmers’ markets. I highly recommend that you visit Bowen Island anytime since there’s just so much to see!

Theresa is a Sophomore from SFU and covers all food, travel, life-style and make-up related topics. Follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram!