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My TikTok Went From Berries And Cream to #CouchGuy Overnight, And I Am Not Complaining

Ah, TikTok – a video-sharing focused social networking service known for its 15 second to 3 minute long videos. Like most users, I have spent a decent amount of my free time scrolling endlessly on the app, and just like most Gen Z/Millennial users, my For You Page  went from Berries and Cream remixes to #CouchGuy overnight, but hey – no complaints. The Mamma Mia remix of Berries and Cream is truly what has been keeping me going this midterm season. When I take a break from analyzing my heavy theoretical course material, I hop onto YouTube and watch in-depth analytical videos on the #CouchGuy phenomenon. Am I losing my mind? Perhaps. But am I loving every moment of it? Heck yes. If you’re just like me and have been kind of going insane recently because of TikTok, allow me to add to your mental and emotional instability by presenting you with five of my favorite #CouchGuy videos, with a sprinkle of Berries and Cream here and there.

Kim Castro’s Video

After hours of being on #CouchTok, I think I may have just found the perfect crime scene analysis.

Dj FlapJack’s Video

This could be a work out song. This could be a sex song. Honestly, this could be played at my funeral. The versatility of it all.


Not to be political, but this man really does make the original #CouchGuy look like a saint.

gRACE.stwe’s vIDEO

This might just be my favorite video on the internet right now. Zodiac signs as Berries and Cream? Sign me up. Take all my money. Right now. 


All that is well, ends well. Here is a different type of #CouchGuy; the only type of #CouchGuy who deserves human rights, if I am being completely honest. Amidst all the TikTok madness, it is always heart-warming to see the occasional display of authenticity in a healthy relationship.

If you’ve made it this far without dying from either laughter or cringe, congratulations!

While the era of the little lad dance and college couch boy has been a great one, I can’t help but wonder what phenomena will plague my FYP next week. Maybe it will be something less ridiculous. Maybe it will be even worse than the current social climate of TikTok. Regardless, I will continue using TikTok wholeheartedly. Am I addicted to how bad this app is? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and I can make the fair assumption that you are too.

To conclude, let us end with the words of the great @laurenzarras, AKA the protagonist in the #CouchGuy video, “Breaks my heart that people can watch a special moment and bring so much negativity. Please think before you assume anything about my relationship. And no, I am not in denial <3”

Kirtana is a 4th year student at SFU pursuing an honours degree in Communication and a minor in Business. She is interested in corporate brand strategy and the data-driven research behind marketing. Outside of school and work, she is an adrenaline and nature junkie. Her favourite travel experience so far has been bungee jumping in Whistler, B.C! Reach out to her via LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirtanamenonn/
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