Meet the Exec: Moni Wahid

Name: Moni Wahid

Year: 3rd              

Program: CMNS major, PUB minor

Hometown: Vancouver, BC


Tell us a little bit about your role at Her Campus. Why did you decide to get involved?

I am currently the Events Director and my responsibilities include brainstorming events for our team and for the SFU community. I also deal with all the logistics of the event including, working with our social media team, booking venues, and anything to supplement the event such as food/drinks!

I decided to get involved because I saw the potential in Her Campus at SFU, I love planning events and the values that Her Campus at SFU has match mine. I could see so many different possibilities and I wanted a chance to be a part of that.


What are you involved in outside of school and Her Campus? How do you manage school, extracurriculars, and thinking about the future all at once?

The other main extracurricular I’m involved in is being on the CMNSU. I love the chance to be involved in my own faculty with people who are pursuing similar things to what I am.

I also have a part-time job, and I’m involved in a couple of things in my neighbourhood, including a scholarship initiative that I work with the high school I graduated from!

I manage all this through having passion; I truly love being involved in these groups. To me it isn’t about the title or the position, it’s about the experiences and people. I didn’t start anything to put on my resume, so for me it’s all fun.


Do you have any tips for students looking to get involved at SFU? Any ways they can get involved specifically in Her Campus?

To build on what I said, quality over quantity. Pick what you actually enjoy, don’t join groups or clubs if you don’t have any interest in it besides being able to put it on your resume. There are great resources for finding clubs/groups, such as the page on SFSS or clubs days. Once you find something you think you’re interested in, go to their meetings, their events, and follow their social media to see if they’re a right fit for you-- then keep an eye out to get involved with them!

For Her Campus, a fantastic way to get involved is by writing for us, we’re always accepting writers and there’s a variety of what you can write about. If you want to be involved in the internal team, we will be more likely to pick you if you’re already on our radar as a writer!


Words of advice (on any topic) for the women studying at SFU? Any advice for younger students?

Find a mentor, any woman that has a little more life experience than you is an asset to know. Don’t approach anyone as a way to get a job, but as a person to get to know and enrich your life.

For younger students, my best advice to you is PLAN YOUR DEGREE! If you know you want a specific degree, find out what requirements you need (there are plenty of resources on this, visit your faculty’s page) and then plan when you want to take classes. Of course life happens, maybe a class you want isn’t available when you want it or you want to take a semester off, but just revise your plan and keep going! You don’t want to end up at the end of your degree and realize you need 2 more credits to graduate!


Go to spot on campus to study, hang out, or take a nap?

On the Burnaby campus, I like to hang out in the CMNSU room, I often run into my fellow CMNSU team mates so it’s nice to see them. On the Vancouver campus, I like to chill out on the second floor, in one of those egg-shaped chairs and on the Surrey campus, I like the library!


You have to live the rest of your life as an inanimate object. What would you want to be?

A camera! Cameras take pictures of great moments and places so it would always be an adventure for me no matter where I was!