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Leah de Roy

Leah de Roy. That’s a name I suggest we all get in the habit of hearing (and not just because she’s technically my boss). She’s the mastermind and driving force behind bringing Her Campus to SFU. Leah is a strong and driven young woman on the rise; a definite force to be reckoned with. I literally begged to have her sit down with me and talk about feminism, journalism, and everything in between. 

Leah is relatable, fun, and admirable. She flawlessly balances her job at a local café with both her fourth year course load as an English major and her (seemingly endless) responsibilities as the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus SFU. Leah barely has a minute to spare; yet, I am thankful that she manages to make time for others. And because she does it graciously and selflessly, it is a testament to the kind of friend and person Leah is.  

A self-proclaimed shopaholic with a particular obsession for cute shoes and skirts, Leah shyly admits her distaste for any and all pants. She is traditional enough to have a fascination with weddings: the dresses, the food, and the décor. However, she is modern enough to leave the question of her own future marriage in the air. She introduced me to one of her favourite feminist writers and speakers, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and also admitted that she is on a current binge of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These contradictions and eccentricities of her personality are what make Leah so genuine.

Leah’s determination to make a difference is what sets her apart. As our conversation progressed, I learned that no matter how quiet Leah appears to be on the outside, underneath hides a passion and determination that ensures a place for everyone’s opinions is made. Leah admits that initially the stereotype of bra-burning, armpit-hair dyeing feminists turned her away from the movement, as was the case for so many of us; however, Leah realized in Sex Talk 101—a Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies class at SFU—that feminists are just cool, normal individuals with an important message for the world.

Bringing Her Campus to SFU is Leah’s way of providing women at SFU with a platform to raise important issues within a positive and empowering space. Leah argues that too many people shy away from gender-related issues because they can cause discomfort or because the issues may not directly concern them personally. This online community, then, becomes the perfect place to embrace as many self-identified women as possible, regardless of their race, age, gender, ability, or sexual orientation. Leah appreciates the opportunity with Her Campus to publish more serious, thought-provoking articles that can inspire and ally women at SFU.

Leah is intelligent and confident, driven but still relaxed, powerful without being overbearing, humble not arrogant, and ridiculously endearing for her awkward quirks. One day I imagine her name in every major magazine. Until then, let us be thankful we’ve got her.

Balroop is an English Major with Humanities and History minors. She thrives on coffee, coke, and chocolate. She has proclaimed herself the "Queen of Procrastination". Perpetually stranded on a blueberry farm, she has developed an undying love for Netflix.
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