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Introducing ‘Her Career’ Social Media Panelist: Nina Huynh

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

As we draw nearer to Her Campus at SFU’s year-end event, Her Career, we thought we’d take the time to introduce to you all to our amazing guest panelists who will be answering your questions! Although there will be more panelists on the day, social media influencer Nina Huynh aka “Your Girl Neens” took the time to answer some sneak-peak questions.

Nina Huynh has over 76k followers on Instagram and over 183k subscribers on Youtube! She shares her incredible sense of style and beautiful family online and is an inspiring, young entrepreneur and influencer. Nina also uses her platform to touch on relatable and relevant issues such as imposter syndrome and addressing the rise of Asian hate crimes.


How do you believe the social media industry and trends have changed due to recent social movements and COVID-19?

NH: There are so many creators now and that’s a great thing because for me it indicates that people are sharing more of themselves and diving into their passions or side hustles. There is definitely a movement towards more authenticity and “real” content because of the collective experience we all shared through Covid and we are moving away from the pure aesthetic driven content of social media. It seems that people want a sense of being rather than belonging in today’s social media landscape.


What is your favourite social media platform or trend?

NH: I love Instagram and Youtube but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise as those are the platforms I am primarily posting on. There is a lot of space to create a real connection and I think I am just old school in that I like long format content.


What are your favourite aesthetics and which would describe your own style?

NH: I honestly feel like I missed out on this whole aesthetics movement haha. I feel so old when I say that – like I disconnected and in some ways I have. I would say that it always changes, I don’t usually define my style. I just let it be and evolve as it wants to.


What or who inspires you?

NH: Before I would probably say traveling, new cities and people. Definitely street fashion. Now I would say my baby Blu. He inspires me in so many ways but one of the most profound ways is in his joy. I forgot what it was like to laugh this much and it’s such a beautiful thing that helps ground me every single day.


Nina will be joining two other amazing social media panelists at our Her Career event. Make sure to reserve your spot NOW for this amazing networking event happening on Friday, April 30th from 4:30-6:30 pm PST.

Rie (she/her) is currently in her last year of her Communications and Economics undergrad at Simon Fraser University. She is passionate about using her education and platform to create spaces for conversation around social issues and would like her career to centre in the nonprofit and social justice sector. In her free time, she can be found overthinking, dancing, or cooking. She would also like to acknowledge that she graciously works and lives on the unceded territory of the Sylix people.
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