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How to Survive the Winter on Burnaby Mountain

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

Once you take into account the temperature difference, the wind chill, and just the overall feeling of dread from looming exams, SFU can be a cold place in the winter. With chilly weather and exam  season upon us, students may find themselves feeling a little under the weather. Below I have compiled a list of practices and hacks to keep you warm and healthy up on SFU this winter.

Bundle Up

Layers are your friend. This is coming from the queen of “not being able to take off her pullover because she hasn’t put a shirt on underneath”. Now is the time to dress in warm layers. Now is the time to invest in a parka. I got a thick and fairly inexpensive one from my favourite store on earth: Winners. Another item of clothing worth purchasing is a pair of fleece lined leggings because they can sneakily slide underneath any other pair of pants without feeling bulky. Pair that with a cozy hat, a thick pair of socks, and a big scarf and you will keep warm the whole day. Just try not to slip on the ice!

Tea! Tea! and MORE TEA!

Whenever a friend of mine is sick, I constantly berate them to drink tea; a very aggressive form of “mom friend-ing”. Because tea is water based it helps to hydrate your body, and many teas have medicinal ingredients as well (ginger helps with an upset stomach, peppermint can help clear the sinuses, etc.). Some personal favourites to drink when I am feeling sick include Earl Grey, Cold 911 from David’s Tea, and fresh lemon and honey in hot water – a drink which makes any sore throat hit the road. Bringing your favourite hot tea to campus in a reusable thermos is excellent, especially when waiting for your morning bus in the frigid cold. To take that up a notch, keep extra tea bags in your backpack and head to Starbucks or Mackenzie Cafe where you can get hot water for free (or a few cents). This way you can enjoy multiple cups of tea all day long. 

Keep Your Hands Clean

Busses, door handles, and stair rails are my worst fear during cold and flu season. Layers and layers upon germs sit in waiting on surfaces like these, and it usually slips our minds that contact with these surfaces could potentially be getting us sick. Being ill during class time is the worst way to get things done, because it not only affects the quality of schoolwork completed (if you’re able to complete anything, that is), but it also bleeds into your personal life. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how annoying it is to be constantly wiping your nose or sniffling in between sentences. In order to stop the spread of germs (including your own!) cough and sneeze into your elbow, and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your backpack. The campus – and your friends – will thank you for it.

Resist the Urge To Pull an All-Nighter

Exams and term papers may be stressing you out, however an all-nighter will not only bring out work that might not be the best, but it will also weaken your immune system. That’s why sleep is my favourite way to recharge and feel healthy. As university students, we tend to be constantly sleep-deprived. It is a constant need in university which is why a lot of people tend to get sick quickly, especially during the end of semester crunch time. Make sure to keep a fairly regimented sleep schedule (even on weekends!) so your body can get good rest to continue to fight off the germs and stress that come along at this time of year.

Good luck on exams and good luck this winter!


Annelise is a second year student at SFU. She is hoping to pursue a degree is English and Communications, even though she has changed her mind umpteen times this year. Being very passionate in creating means Annelise has many hobbies. She has been dancing since she was five years old, and has been knitting and playing guitar for almost a decade. When she is taking a break form studying, she is most likely picking up one of these activities or playing with her yellow Labrador, Odin. Annelise hopes that you enjoy what she writes. She has always loved telling stories and hopes you laugh, find something to connect with or even find something to think about in her articles.
Hi, I'm Lynsey! I am a 20 something full-time Communications student at SFU, the past PR/Marketing Director of HC SFU, and current Campus Correspondent. I am also an avid literature lover, coffee consumer, and aspiring PR professional who is still fairly new to the city, as my roots are deep in the West Kootenays.  Follow me on Instagram @lynseygray, to get to know me better at lynseygray.ca, or connect with me on LinkedIn https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lynsey-gray-088755aa