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How to Balance Full Time School While Staying Busy

As students, it can be expected by many to succeed at everything we do. Nowadays, it is difficult to graduate post-secondary with just a degree. Work experience is also recommended in order to find a full-time career. But, how can one balance a job and full-time school, and still manage to succeed in classes? Tuition is also extremely costly, which requires students to be employed. Here are 5 tips for balancing school while staying busy!


1. Find a Job with Flexible Hours

Money is important to have, but so is sleep. In order to succeed in your classes it is vital to have the chance to choose your hours. Ensure that your employer respects your school schedule to make sure you have time to study and relax with your friends and family.


2. Buy an Agenda

As a student, you are most likely drowning in assignments and have a ton of exams to study for. It may be a good idea to mark down the dates of your exams, the days and times you work and the exact time where you can dedicate your full attention to studying.


3. Develop an Understanding on What Are Your Priorities

There may be a fun event that your friends’ are all going to. Take a second and think about what is more important. Is this night out worth failing an important exam? Sometimes we must sacrifice night outs to succeed in our education.


4.Take Advantage of Spare Time

No matter where you may be, take advantage of precious time and pull out your books and get studying. If you take public transit, write notes or study cue cards. If you have a quick hour break in between classes, start writing your paper. It may seem pointless from the start but every second counts!


5. Stay Relaxed

As studying is crucial, so is staying sane. Take frequent breaks, go outside and stay fully rested. If you are stressed, the above tips won’t help you succeed. If you are feeling like you need more time to dedicate to school or friends, ask your manager for some time off. They will understand. 

Chelsea is a second- year Communications major, Publishing minor student at Simon Fraser University who has an interest in the Public Relations/ Marketing/ Communications field. When she is not studying or in class, she is most likely working or volunteering at school or around the community. She loves creating strong relationships with those she works with.. maybe a little too much! Always striving to succeed and constantly finding ways to improve herself through new experiences. Learn more about her on instagram: chelseabengco
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