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Five Netflix Shows You Need to Watch Over Semester Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

Finally, finals are over.  It is time to rejoice, it is time to celebrate, and it is time to finally catch up on all the Netflix shows you missed out on. While you were trying to cram months of school into a week of studying, Netflix released some amazing TV shows that you need to check out. Here are my picks for the most binge-worthy shows you need to watch over the semester break.



Do you remember the Archie comic books? Riverdale is a live action, modern day take on the classic comic book. Unlike the comics, the show weaves a much darker and provocative story. The central story revolves around the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, which leaves rippling effects in the small city of Riverdale.  All your favorite loveable comic book characters are included in this series: Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and of course, Archie. I have become so addicted to this show. There is suspense, romance, great character chemistry, and a compelling story line that keeps you interested. The series stars Cole Sprouse as my favorite character Jughead  on the series, and Molly Ringwald makes a guest appearance. This show is also on the CW network for those of you that don’t have Netflix.


13 Reasons Why

This series is trending all over social media, I have seen countless Instagram posts and tweets about this series. This show is a Netflix original series, based on the best selling with the same name by Jay Asher. 13 Reasons Why is one of the most emotional series I have ever seen. The series explores the death of high school student, Hannah Baker.  The series has a mysterious feel and also deals with a variety of topics that haven’t been explored on TV before such as bullying, suicide, and teenage guilt. 13 Reasons Why will make you cry but I highly recommend giving this series a go because anyone who has ever experienced high school bullying, the show will relate to you on so many levels. This series is only exclusively on Netflix.


Series of Unfortunate Events

This show needs no convincing to watch. If you are a fan of the Lemony Snicket books, this series will take you on a roller coaster ride of nostalgia. The series stars funny man Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf.  The character adaptations are spot on, the story line is entertaining and the visualizations are captivating. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you laugh and want to re-read the entire 13-part book series all over again. This show is also the most family friendly show on the entire list; perfect for children and adults. This is also a Netflix original series and it only available on Netflix.



Lee Daniel’s original series Star caught be my surprise. You may not have heard of this series, but you may have heard of Lee Daniel’s other works, like is smash hit Empire. Star follows two sisters in foster care and a rock star’s daughter forming an unlikely friendship and girl group. The three girls try to achieve super stardom but must deal with a number of obstacles along the way. If you like original music, soap opera drama, and cliff hangers, this is the series for you. The show is like a fusion of Empire and VH1’s Love and Hip Hop series. The show also stars rap legend Queen Latifah and has several guest appearances from Lenny Kravis and Naomi Campbell. This show is also on Fox for those of you who don’t have Netflix.


Iron Fist

Are you a Marvel fan? Did you enjoy Luke Cage and Daredevil on Netflix? Then you need to check out the new Netflix series, Iron Fist. The series is about Danny Rand returning to New York to reclaim his family company after nearly 15 years of being presumed dead. Rand is a martial arts expert, that can all upon the power of the Iron Fist, and as result he is often conflicted between regaining his family company and his superhero duties as the Iron Fist. The series is action packed, features brilliant filmography, and has a great overall story. The series also guest stars some of your favourite Marvel TV show characters. Like the other Marvel series mentioned, this show is also a Netflix original and exclusively available only on Netflix.  


Before I close off my list, I wanted to include some shows that will be releasing on Netflix very soon, that are generating a lot of buzz. Here are my top picks from the list provided by Cinemablend of the must see shows coming soon to Netflix.

Girl Boss (Release date: April 21)

Loosely based on the auto-biography, Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, the series follows Amoruso rags to rich life story and the founding of her company Nasty Gal.

Anne of Green Gables (Release date: May 12)

Based on the beloved children’s books, our favorite spunky Canadian red head comes back to the silver screen. The series will follow Anne, an orphan girl who gets mistakenly adopted by family that wanted a boy.  


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