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Everything You Need to Know About SFU’s New Student Union Building

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

The construction of the new Student Union building at SFU began during the 2016 school year. Although it was expected to be completed sooner – its new estimated date of completion is Summer 2019 – it is promising a lot to look forward to. The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) has dedicated a whole page on the luxuries to be expected inside. One of these luxuries is a games lounge, which will allow students to relax and have space where they can unwind and pass sometime between those awkward breaks throughout the day! Another exciting feature is a napping room!

This will be a space where students can rest and relax in a quiet and comfortable environment! Not only that but, according to SFSS, lockers will be provided for students so they can have access to a safe place where valuables can be locked. For all of the commuters, a community kitchen will also be provided. Some of the appliances include microwaves, a stove top, a full-size refrigerator, and even dishwashers that can help with the clean-up process.

Some other features that are being added are clubs’ centres, a social stage and rehearsal booths. These will provide all of our clubs here at SFU a space for their meetings and a space where events can be hosted. If you are interested in joining a club, check out http://sfss.ca/clubs-sus/clubs/directory-of-clubs/. Getting involved not only results in making new friends, but it also provides a networking experience that may not be available once you graduate! Yes, there is a lack in social spaces that foster more campus engagement for students, so hopefully through a space like this Student Union Building a new trend will start!

Here is a virtual tour of the new building: Virtual Tour

If you are feeling creative, visit the link below and drop in a suggestion for what you want this new building to be named! Although it says that it was open until September 30th suggestions are still being accepted! sfss.ca/sub/name-the-sub/

While it is very exciting to be getting such a beautiful building, there is a downside. Unfortunately, as of the beginning of October there has been a proposed increase in tuition, leaving many students unhappy, especially those who are planning to graduate before the building’s official opening date. As per the emails sent out to students, the proposal states a 2% increase in tuition for all domestic undergraduate students, and 4% increase for international undergraduate students.

What is your take on all this? If you are interested in following up and knowing more about the proposed tuition increases, check out the Peak’s article by Srijani Datta;

Students Demand that SFU Freeze Tuition Now as the University Plans Fee Hikes

But to leave off on a more positive note, the Highland Pub will be reopening very soon!


I am a third year Communications student with a Business minor attending Simon Fraser University. I joined SFU's Her Campus team in order to participate and be able to share and help others in spreading their creativity. I am working towards becoming a lawyer or an international representative and the experience of being on the Executive Team is helping me build connections and develop a management system that will help me in the long run due to my interaction with so many of you!
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