9 Signs You Might Be a Crazy Cat Lady

Cats. They tend to be a divisive animal, more so than any others, with people either wanting nothing to do with them, or loving them to the umpteenth degree. Me, I fall into the latter category. 

1. You may own more than one cat related clothing item.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to wear cat clothes?

2. You can get oddly defensive about your love of cats.

Hermione gets it. 

3. Your social media pages are bursting with cats.

God, they are just all so cute!

4. You get really good at playing hide and seek (though mainly the seeking part).

Seriously, how are they so good at this game…?

5. This has become a routine:

You have accepted that books or keyboards are now a place of rest, and simply work around it.

6. Black is no longer the easiest color to wear.

Lint rollers are a regular part of life, and there is no shame in that. 

7.  A good night’s sleep is dependent on where your cat chooses to sleep, and what shape you have to curl yourself into to accommodate them. 


You can just always sleep on the other side. 

8. You judge people who don’t like cats.

Some things are just impossible, and trying to explain the merit of a cat is one such thing. So it is easier to silently judge. 

9. Most of all, you know you would do anything for your furry best friend. 

Because nothing can get between a girl and her cats.