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6 Instagram Accounts to Scroll Through During Your Transit

Firstly, let me clear something up. I’m not talking about the Explore Page that has been almost indecipherably twisted by that Instagram algorithm we all love, or those accounts we already follow and blindly scroll past on our Feed. Instead, here are 6 Instagram accounts that are fun to read through, productive in sourcing news updates, and will gently nudge you awake during your transit to school or work.

1. @newyorkercartoons

With over 1.5 million followers, @newyorkercartoons is the perfect first digital stop during your transit. Illustrated in black and white, these cartoons blast us into the past of tangible newspapers and are never without a witty caption. Illustrators featured on this page capture the true essence of modern-day struggles, in their painfully relatable satire of what 2018 has become.

                                                                                                         Cartoon by Maddie Dai 2018, source: ig @newyorkercartoons

2. @nowthisnews

With all that is going on in the world and the real-time sharing of information, sometimes the non-digital paper-copy of the news becomes outdated the morning after it’s printed. The solution? Check out @nowthisnews, which covers everything from popular culture, socio-cultural movements, global politics, to funny dog videos. Here’s your one stop scroll for an update on everything that happened since the last time you picked up your phone.

3. @bymariandrew

Mari Andrew intricately captures the raw essence of being in her simple yet powerful drawings. She shares her art regularly on Instagram, whether it’s about relationships, gender inequalities, humility, joy, pain, astrology, the change of seasons, oh, the list goes on. The simplicity of her illustrations speaks to the depths of complexity of human emotion and grounding human experiences in general.

4. @buzzfeednews

Buzzfeed politics updates in almost real-time on global events and issues. The best thing about them is how they present world political news in easily-digestible language and provide easy visuals for your early morning transit. We can’t turn a blind eye on politics as active citizens, so this account is a must-follow if you want to stay current with all the political matters happening at every second, of every day.

5. @rupikaur

If you don’t know her already, well, better late than never! As a New York Times Bestseller, and an absolute queen of poetry, Rupi Kaur shares her incredibly touching work – usually from one of her two books – with her 3 million+ followers. Through her Instagram you can dive into a world of emotion and reflection, all the while peeking into her personal journey of world travels and more. To top it off, the poetry she posts often aligns with political movements and current events.

6. @medium

Last but not least, @medium offers a fun and easy scroll through various stories, motivational quotes, and vibrant art. Not only do they often link new articles in their bio, this account is also the place to be if you’re looking for a break from all the politics and just want a pleasing and quick read with some bright pops of colour.


Janice is a fifth year Communication major, with a passion for community engagement and a growing love for writing. Born and raised in Vancouver, Janice has always been inspired by the very green outdoors, as well as the diversity of culture and people -- but never soaking it all in without a large coffee in hand.
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