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5 SFU Facebook Pages & Groups to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

If I can guess, you are probably sitting somewhere on campus right now with your laptop wide open, having an hour-old lunch that has been partially eaten, along with notes and writing utensils scattered everywhere. You should be studying for those two back-to-back midterms coming up next week, or spewing out words for that 2000word argumentative essay due for next tutorial. It’s okay though, we all need a study break. What better way than to check your Facebook newsfeed, make a few scrolls down, close the tab, and open a new Facebook tab again and repeat the cycle over and over, because obviously, something new is always happening once every couple of minutes?


If you are checking Facebook in lieu of Canvas, you might as well check a few SFU related pages and groups during your procrastination session. It is always good to stay in-the-loop when it comes to events, news, and deadlines – but if you truly want to escape from reality, don’t feel so guilty browsing through the latest memes too; we all need our fix of crude humour after a rigorous studying period and downing two cups of Tim Hortons double-doubles.


From informative and handy resources, to what was once a justforfun forum that now encapsulates the struggles and hardships, and also the dreams and goals of SFU students, boasts a range of school related Facebook pages and groups. As a diligent, hard-working student who has a dank taste in memes, these are my top SFU related pages that I check when I am not in the mood to read twenty-or-so pages of readings about the Canadian political economy.


1) “Must Knows” for courses at SFU

The cover photo for the “Must Knows” for courses at SFU Facebook group.


This Facebook group is indeed, a must for any SFU student. Whether you are starting off your first year and are finding survival tips on how to ace your MATH 157 midterm, or you are in your fifth year (because that is the average time for a student to finish their degree at SFU now), trying to find relevant electives to satisfy your WQB requirements, the “Must Knows” group is a plethora containing help for courses, forming study groups and finding tutors, and occasionally, some “must knows” when it comes to navigating your way around the campus, because it is important to know those darn room abbreviations (TASC1? RCB? SCB or SCC?).  


2) SFU Textbook Groups


The cover photo for the SFU Textbook Trade Center Facebook group.


There are a million SFU Textbook groups to keep track of (1, 2, and 3), and Facebook should just merge all of these groups into one super-group at this point – I’m tired of having to post the ten books tucked away in my bedroom shelf into each and every group that exists in the hopes that I will make some profit out of selling them. Cross-posting does increase your chances of having a buyer that will contact you if your Psychology 10th edition textbook is still available to purchase. Some other tips I recommend when selling your books include giving a complete description (title, author, ISBN number, condition) and what course it is for. Be open to a number of offers – students, like myself, want the best deal and may bargain for a cheap price, but sometimes, being offered $60 for a $75 loose leaf package is better than nothing. Lastly, bump bump BUMP! Bumping stands for “bring up my post”, and your post will most likely get buried if you are uneager to get rid of your books.


3) SFU Crushes


Who needs to watch The Notebook or read John Green’s The Fault in our Stars when you can follow the SFU Crushes Facebook page for free? Keeping an eye out on that cute boy in your BUS 272 tutorial? Ever fall in love with someone on the 145 bus to campus, only to never see them again? SFU Crushes is a platform where you can submit your love letters to that one person you happen to be interested in, which is all done anonymously. The very sweet, but hilarious page was only launched this July 27 and is already growing an audience of 501 likes.


4) Student Union for your Program or Major



School can be dull and boring sometimes. That does not mean that your major should be boring too! Every faculty and almost every program at SFU has a student union that represents the future scientists, businessmen and women, and problem-solvers of tomorrow. For myself, I am completing a joint major in Communications and Interactive Arts and Technology, and I am represented by two student unions instead of one, the Communications Student Union (CMNSU) and the Interactive Arts and Technology Student Union (IATSU). Other than to identify and promote the academic interests and concerns of its students, your SU may host fun and social events, which is a great way to know others who are in the same major as you are. If you are looking to get a head-start into your dream career, your SU may have opportunities for those who are wanting to gain experience and to get a glimpse of what their future job may entail.


5) SFU Confessions



Lastly is the spin-off from the highly publicized and somewhat controversial UBC Confessions page. SFU Confessions is exactly what you think it is – a Facebook page containing everyone’s “deepest, darkest confessions.” In recent years, the submissions have casually turned into rants, Snapchat footage uploads, and #relatablecontent (aka memes). SFU Confessions was launched on September 24, 2013, and has garnered, as of October 14, 2017, 27,291 likes and 27,404 followers. Of course, due to the nature of the posts being entirely anonymous, this means that there is no filter when submitting confessions – some users like to play the game of trolling and will try to start a match just to make others angry, while others will share content in the hopes that they will become the next viral sensation and gain a hundred likes. In the end, we are all SFU students and sometimes we just need to vent out our anger or share something positive that has happened in our life in the past week – and it can all be done through a submission.


Confession #11777.




Hi, I'm Lynsey! I am a 20 something full-time Communications student at SFU, the past PR/Marketing Director of HC SFU, and current Campus Correspondent. I am also an avid literature lover, coffee consumer, and aspiring PR professional who is still fairly new to the city, as my roots are deep in the West Kootenays.  Follow me on Instagram @lynseygray, to get to know me better at lynseygray.ca, or connect with me on LinkedIn https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lynsey-gray-088755aa