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4 Types of Mask’s to Conquer Covid and Make You Feel Like a Superhero

                         4 Types of Mask’s to Conquer Covid and Make You Feel Like a Superhero 

I’m sure we’ve all had that brief moment of forgetfulness, when you are out running errands, when you suddenly realize you don't have a mask on you. I know I have! Imagine what it must be like for Spiderman, going around town without their masks! As we go about our daily routines with the looming shadow of Covid, wearing a medical mask is like being a secret superhero. 

The advised face coverings by the CDC, that decrease the spread of Covid-19 has become part of our essential wardrobe. Although masks feel like an odd addition because they conceal a part of our selves that is normally shown, it doesn't mean that our personalities need to be hidden. It is no surprise then, that we have embraced masks as part of fashion that is entirely a new form of self-expression. As quoted by Batman, ““I wear a mask and that mask is not to hide who I am, but to create who I am”. 

Here is a chance to have some fun with your wardrobe. Invest in a mask that is not only affordable and breathable, but that showcase’s a part of your style and personality. You can be as creative as a superhero choosing their outfit to combat an evil foe! 

Here are 4 ways you can style your mask, ready to go out, fight Covid and conquer the world

   1. Wear a Mask with Bold Bright Colors

Here is a chance to have fun with colors! Buy a mask with your favorite color and show it off!

   2. Masks with Patterns 

Invest in masks that have beautiful patterns such as stripes or flowers, better yet why not get one that has cute cat faces on it!

   3. Designer Brand Name Masks

Obsessed with Marvel heros? Show off your geeky side with masks that have symbols of your favorite superhero or whatever tickles your fancy. Anything goes!

  4. Black Masks

When it doubt keep it classy with a black, bold mask. Black is not only classy color but it pretty much goes with anything you may wear.


We can all do our part by wearing masks but it doesn't need to be boring! Be creative and always stay safe out there!


Disclaimer: This article is a fun fashion piece. Any suggestions stated are subjective. Please follow local guidelines for proper medical, filtered masks when needed

Belle Villar is a fourth year student studying World Literature and Publishing. She is passionate about travelling, and daydreams of seeing exotic places around the world. In her spare time, she loves visiting bookstores and collecting books for her ever growing home library.
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