You Should Be Listening to Like Pacific

Who is Like Pacific?

Like Pacific is one of Pure Noise Records’ newest artists.  The Canadian pop-punk band from Toronto, Ontario, consisting of members Jordan Black (vocalist), Greg Hall (rhythm guitar), Luke Holmes (lead guitar), Brad Garcia (bass guitar) and Tyler Ewart (drums). 

Why should you be listening to Like Pacific?

First of all, Like Pacific creates pop punk BANGERS. They are known for gritty and energetic vocals, heavy riffs and honest lyrics. On top having great musicality and entertaining music videos, they are also breaking the mold of pop-punk bands. The lead singer Jordan Black is openly gay and a huge advocate for the LGBT+ community. In an interview with Out magazine, he said “in a very straight dominated scene, it’s unbelievably cool to have a voice and be able to put my thoughts out there in the world. Like Pacific has some of the most accepting fans and an amazing queer fan base.” Though they are relatively newcomers on the scene, Like Pacific is definitely a name you need to know. They’re creating great music and making the music scene more inclusive. 

If you like them, you’ll like Like Pacific.

Boston Manor, Knuckle Puck, Trash Boat, Homesafe


What songs to start with?

  1. Distant
  2. Sedatives
  3. Self Defeated
  4. Had It Coming
  5. In Spite of Me