Year 22: What Being 22 Has Taught Me

Today I was having brunch with a friend and while catching up we began to reminisce about all the things we said we would do by the time we were in our 20’s. Well, I’m 22 and I feel like I haven’t accomplished any of the things we talked about except for receiving my Bachelor. I realized that year 22 is truly one of the most important ones in your life and here’s why:

22 by Taylor Swift will always be your go-to song no matter how you’re feeling.

Yes, I was that girl at the bar annoying everyone around her while playing 22 repeatedly on the juke box.  Also, Taylor Swift was right when she sings “we’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time” because trust me that is what 22 will make you feel like.



Don’t Rush Things

You are ambitious, you have plans, you are determined. Well, sometimes those plans don’t fall through and that’s completely okay if that happens. Try to find a better route to drive your life towards.

Rejection is bound to happen... a lot

22 is usually the year that most students graduate college and become excited yet nervous about the big grown up world. Some get lucky and get a job straight after college and some are still on the hunt (me) but just because one job doesn’t take you doesn’t mean you suck. Instead of mopping around looking through Pinterest pick up a hobby that relates to your field. Employers would much rather know you were trying and it will certainly build up your resume/experience.

  • Aim for an internship

  • Be innovative

  • Learn a new language

You need to pay attention to Politics

For some anything politics is a drag to hear about but you need to realize that WE really are the future and we determine who gets put where. We are the voice of the people but if we don’t vote we get shitty results. Do your research and always make sure you vote.



Makeup Isn’t just makeup

Ulta, Sephora and Mac for example can be a bit pricey and out of our budget but buying good makeup has its perks. You won’t be young forever which means you need to protect the body you are in. Most expensive makeup are expensive because they protect your young skin from damages. You should always buy foundation with SPF and make sure to keep your brushes clean. You will thank me for this a couple years down the road.

You need to work out

Again, you won’t be young forever and your metabolism is already starting to slow down I can assure you that. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a gym membership you can always find great ways to work out through YouTube or even running around your neighborhood. You should appreciate and take advantage that you are still mobile.

Say no to baby fever

I love babies they are adorable but if you decide that you are not ready for a kid right now then don’t worry about having to have one just because you’re getting older. Don’t let anyone pressure you into children no matter it being your family or significant other. Having a baby is a huge, life changing commitment and if you don’t want one then make sure you are doing whatever you do just for you.