Work for Your Dreams, Girl!

This week I talked with a woman who added inspiration and warmth to my life. When I met her, she was dressed in a sleek, matte black dress suit with pretty, black thin heels. She seemed to be 5’ tall with salt and pepper hair pulled up in a ponytail, large pink glasses and a bright smile. She was dressed very well and with crisp taste. I was excited to hear about her life, her skills and hobbies and her passion for helping others. An older woman in her community, she has over thirty years of experience raising children in a loving home. She loves fashion and creating clothing for others and herself. (I WISH I COULD DO THAT.) I was inspired by her love for her small town and the people within. She wanted to leave a legacy that continued to help people after she is gone. 

Women Who Look Ahead by Monica Stewart, Monica Stewart Fine Art,

That resonated with me. She was the epitome of selflessness in many examples given to me (i.e., life as a homemaker; her ultimate career goal is to bring jobs to her town by opening her own business), and her drive to do whatever bullshit it takes to achieve her dreams after living such a giving life was inspiring. After talking with her, she told me I was very personable and easy to talk to, and she asked if she could hug me before parting ways. Mind you, we talked for an hour and got to know each other only a little better than strangers. We hugged and said our goodbyes, wishing luck to one another, and I truly hope I run into her again. 

Since that encounter, I have been rethinking how I conduct myself with others. How often do I hug my friends and the people I care about, or new acquaintances? So many terrible, unexpected things happen on a seemingly regular basis. Shouldn’t we take more time out of our days to bring goodness and love and hope into our lives? Many of us can relate to this sentiment, but through this encounter with my new friend I learned to strive for my dreams and aspirations no matter what. I am set to graduate in May if I can accomplish a few more challenges. What then, after that? I constantly worry, but she has inspired me to keep pushing forward and working toward accomplishing my goals of securing a better future for myself and my family, and contributing to a safer, more successful community in the future. We all want to leave a mark. What are we willing to do to get there? Work for your dreams, girl!