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Why You Should Listen to Hotel Diablo by Machine Gun Kelly

Who is Machine Gun Kelly?

Colson Baker, who’s stage name is Machine Gun Kelly is a 29-year-old rapper from Cleveland, Ohio. On top of his rapping skills, he sings, plays guitar, drums and acts. For 10 years, MGK has been creating rap music about his life and his love for his city. Many people know Machine Gun Kelly as that one guy that Eminem had beef with. The two rappers exchanged diss tracks with one another and captivated the music world. Because of the before mentioned beef, fans of Eminem automatically decided not to give his music a chance. But, in my opinion, MGK’s latest album Hotel Diablo is something that everyone should listen to.

Why you should listen to Hotel Diablo?

It isn’t your typical rap record. The album has a bit of everything– hard rap, pop vocals, alternative rock edge and everything in between. Instead of the usual rap music that boast about cars, clothes, women and drugs, the 14-track album is a raw and honest album about the struggles MGK faces on the daily. Tackling topics such as handling his rising fame, dealing with criticism, betrayals in the music industry, his fixation with death, drug addiction and even suicide and depression. This album is deeply self-deprecating and self-reflective on MGK’s character. You can tell how much heart he put into the album. It sheds light on his depression and suicidal thoughts and his battle with cocaine addiction. It’s an introspective album that is both somber and hype– a song will make you dance one minute and cry the next. His honesty is both admirable and quite frankly frightening at times. Hotel Diablo is an emotional rollercoaster that you’ll never want to get off.

My top 6 songs from Hotel Diablo:

  1. 5:3666 (ft. Phem)
  2. Death in my Pocket (ft. Naomi Wild)
  3. Glass House (ft. Naomi Wild)
  4. El Diablo
  5. Hollywood Whore
  6. I Think I’m Okay (ft. Yungblud and Travis Barker)
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