When Senioritis Hits You

When Senioritis hits you, it’s a moment in your life where everything productive turns into a chore you just want DONE. Nothing else matters except getting certain things completed so that you can go back to your dorm room, and metaphorically die. This not only happens to college students but to all students who enter their last year of schooling. 

[photo source: sites.bu.edu]  

Senioritis comes in different forms. One could be just neglecting everything and doing the bare minimum to graduate. Another is doing your work, but halfway through the semester you just stop caring. While there are other forms of Senioritis, these are the most common I see on campus. Heck, even I experience Senioritis, although more of the one where halfway through the semester I want to be done with everything and make National Fat Ass Nap Day, every day. 

Senioritis is something that should not be taken lightly! It effects many and claims hundreds every year with more people giving up, not caring about their school work. When Senioritis hits, nothing is the same. While there are methods in keeping Senioritis at bay, I don’t think a lot of college kids care too much to keep the Senioritis away. In fact, I feel as though a lot of us college kids, when we get to our senior year, try to keep everything maintained the best we can till we feel that Senioritis hit. 

Let it be known that even though a lot of us seniors are experiencing Senioritis (even as I type), that we’re still trying to keep good grades. At this point, we’re just trying to stay alive until Thanksgiving/Christmas break. 

So, please, be kind to us and have patience.