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Voltron Season 5 Blew My Mind!

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Disclaimer: These are my own personal opinions; this article is not meant to sway the readers in anyway. This article also contains SPOILERS. You have been warned.

Voltron: Legendary Defenders has been running successfully on Netflix since June 10, 2016 and recently, they released the fifth season this past March 2nd. As someone who has been following the show since it began, of course I was excited to watch the new season and I finally had the chance to during my Spring Break.

Also, just to let it be known, I’m not going to dive into each episode, I’m just going to give a brief summary about my overall, general feelings about the fifth season.

Let me start with the evil guy I like to call my son: Lotor. Now the Galra Prince was only introduced last season, and the fandom had their opinion on him. In this season, we got to see a softer side., Not only does he willingly help out the paladins’ goal for universal peace, he also betrays his father, and becomes his own person by killing Zarkon. His relationship with Allura, though, is something I’m keeping a close eye on because I have my doubts.

            Now, I need to talk about lance. My boy, my son, has had so much growth in this season that it just astounded me. Not only did Lance take on a partial leader role, but his character development made him more mature, but still with his goofy side. Just knowing Lance is getting more development makes my heart sing.

            Also, Sam Holt was saved from the Galra clutches, and my heart has never been happier for Pidge, and Matt. After four seasons, we finally got the whole family back together, and even though Sam went back to Earth, I’m excited for what is to come in season 6.

Season 5 itself gave a lot more answers than questions in my opinion. Not only did we get more about the whole “Shiro-is-a-clone” theory with more evidence that it is a possibility, we also finally, after seasons of teasing, got to see Keith’s mother, Krolia (that episode made me scream, ngl). Lotor gets the Galra empire, Hunk deserves more character development, and I’m still wondering what is going to happen next season.

Season 6 of VLD comes to Netlix this June..

Bri Bell was a writer for SFASU Her Campus. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Art cica 2019! She is an artistic woman with a passion for FIlm/Cinematogrpahy, as well as writing. Bri Bell tends to write about things she is passionate about whether that be about music, literature, politics, or even random anime recommendations. She is fairly easy going about what she writes, and attempts to stray away from any topics that could have any/all triggers.
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