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Types of Friends in Your Life

Whether you are traveling to Denmark to study abroad, going to work at a cupcake bakery or starting a weekly blog on YouTube, friendship is a key part of anyone’s lifestyle.

There are people in your life that will come and go, but the ones who are willing to go with you through thick and thin are the friends that will forever be a part of you.

I, myself, have people that have made my life so much better due to their presence in my life. My group of friends all have different types of personalities, but each person has a special place in my heart.

Here are different types of personalities that you or your friends might relate to:

The Mom Friend- This friend is the one who looks after you and will always be there for you. Whether you are drunk or you have a cold, the mom friend makes sure that her friends are taken care of. This friend has an answer to everyone’s questions and will do whatever her friends need to ensure their happiness and safety.

The Dad Friend- The Dad friend is similar to the mom friend in the sense that they care about everyone and are here for them, but they are goofier and add a nice bit of awkwardness to the friend group. They will give you lifesaving advice and you know there will be a dad joke or pun thrown into the mix.


The Host Friend- This friend is the one whose house you always stay at, who makes an impromptu water balloon fight in the backyard, and will threaten to fight you if you ever say anything negative about yourself. This is the friend who has the hot tub where you all sit and talk about any and all problems in everyone’s life.


The Traveler Friend- This is the friend that goes around the world and explores new things or travels to meet their idol on the other side of the world. They will always come back with souvenirs and amazing stories that you can’t wait to sit and listen to. They are independent and shine in their own light but always need their friends by their sides.


These different personalities mesh together and create a great group of true friends. Whether you’re going out to eat Korean Chicken, or staying in to binge-watch scary movies, your group of friends help make you who you are. Without my group of close friends, I would not be who I am today.







I am a senior, English major at Stephen F. Austin. I love to read, drink coffee and hang out with my friends from back home. My goal is to get a career in publishing and editing and I will be going to the University of Denver this summer for graduate school! Thank you for taking the time to read my articles and I hope you enjoy Her Campus!
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