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Things to do Over Spring Break

Sometimes breaks during the school year don’t seem that exciting, but if you try these ideas out you just might make the most out of it.

1. Hang out with friends

It’s not fun if you only spend time with just your family, so make sure you also make time for your friends. Even if you’re just staying in to watch a movie or going to waterpark, have fun!

  1. Try a new restaurant

Try something you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t had the courage to. You never know if you like it till you try it!

  1. Get soaked!

Enjoy the pool or beach with friends and family, and if you don’t enjoy that, soak in some sun or read a good book.

  1. Treat yourself

Go get you a mani-pedi with the girls. You can even get your hair done or get facials!

  1. Relax!

The most important thing on break is to relax before you have to go back to school. Make sure you get well rested to finish the rest of your semester!

Have a fun and safe break!

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