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The Scary Void of Life after College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.

Everyone always says how graduating college is such a great thing and how exciting it is. For me, the thought of graduating next year is absolutely terrifying. You’re telling me that at 22 years of age, I’m supposed to be ready to go out into the world and find a career?

College is meant to prepare you for “the real world” and set you up for success. While it does do that, it is immensely scary to know that after four years in college, you are ready to take on whatever comes your way. Sure, you can take internships and do all sorts of extra readiness prep, but how do you know you are truly ready?

My biggest fear when it comes to graduating is actually being able to find a job. There are so many instances where people graduate from college with a degree in something and never end up using that degree. It takes the average college graduate three to six months to secure employment after graduation. Not only is that the case, but many college graduates end up regretting their choice of major. One in two college graduates either somewhat or definitely regret their choice in major according to Student Loan Hero.

Of course I want to be excited to graduate and I’m proud of myself for being nearly there, but in the back of my head is constant anxiety. Am I good enough to go into this field? Will any company like me? Will I get beat out by someone who went to a higher tier school? What if I end up not liking this career path if I do land a job? These thoughts pitter through my brain, but I can only prepare myself as well as I can.

All I can say is take your time in college. What is the need to rush? You don’t want to push yourself too hard too fast. You want to be able to prepare yourself as much as you can. There is no perfect amount of time to graduate college. It is okay if you want to take it slower and graduate in more than four years. Go at your own pace and take it all in. Take opportunities, apply for internships, get extra help if you need it.

My name is Emily and I'm a Junior Mass Communication Student at SFA! I love writing, photography and embroidery. :)