Sugar, Spice, and Advice: Should You be Friends with Your Ex and How to "Spice Up" Your Style

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Here are our answers to your burning questions this week:

"How can a “Plain-Jane” like me “spice up” my style?"

Answered by Tenay Barker:

As someone who has been called “boring” before, I know what it is like to just feel average and not unique. This year, I decided to stop feeling that way. To change, I brought more edginess into my life in two ways.  First, I  got a real short haircut  and second, I joined organizations and  met people. Cutting off all my hair was a big change and gave me more confidence because it was something really different.

Try doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Whether trying a new outfit that you were curious about or coloring your hair, or getting yourself more involved in organizations, you’ll be able to create more friends and go out with them, just like I did.

"Are you supposed to let go of the friendship you had with your ex after you guys break up or is it possible to restore the friendship again?"

Answered by Cat Greenwood:

I think it depends on the relationship. Was there a friendship still when the titles changed? Could you honestly see your SO as just a friend? If so then yes, if the relationship had a deep friendship, it could be restored sometime. It’s important not to rush or force anything at first, seeing as both of you are going through a breakup, but let it develop again naturally. If the relationship was just that—dating without true friendship—then it might be better to not restore anything seeing as it can turn messy later on.


Annnnd we hope this advice helps! Life can be tough, but Her Campus SFA is here to help with a little Sugar, Spice, and Advice.