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Coming back from Thanksgiving, all that was on many student’s minds are the impending finals coming up. Studying for finals can be one of the most stressful things for a college student to do, but having the correct tools can help you get the grades you need to finish the semester off well.


  1. Set up a study schedule that works for your tests. Set up a time table for studying, include time to give yourself breaks and eat food. Learn when your tests will be laid out and plan to study according to which tests are first. Giving yourself a 30-minute study session with a 5 min break in-between the sessions will help you retain the information better than if you try and cram in 50 pages of information in a 2-hour period.

  2. Listen to a movie score while you study. Movie scores are invented to be entertaining, but not too distracting – which makes them perfect for studying. Picking out a score from your favorite action movie will help you be able to focus on your notes and would help your brain not get too distracted by the music.

  3. Highlight/Color-code your notes during or after class. Setting up a color-code system will help your brain associate the facts with what they will relate to. It will especially help if you keep the colors the same over all the classes, you will be able to reuse them and keep the patterns all the same.

  4. Flashcards are LIFE – use them. MAKE YOUR FLASHCARDS. It will help you learn all the definitions you need to know. Making the flashcards will help you learn the definitions easier and the flashcards themselves with help you have an easier way to study.

  5. After your class go back and study your notes. Taking notes is the first step to learning a lecture, but once your class is over you have to go back to study them. Most students (writer included) will take notes, and then just totally forget to go back to study. You have to be able to sit down and

  6. It’s better to wake up early and study, then stay up late and study. When studying finding the best unbothered study hours is difficult. However, staying up through the hours of the night will never help you either. Your brain function is actually at 100% from 4am-7:30 am, and at nighttime your brain function is just at 20%. Waking up early to get some studying in is more beneficial for your grade then pulling an all-nighter.


It’s that time to round up your study buddies, put on your comfy clothes and grab your gallon of coffee. Finals will be a trek to get through, but with a little grit and willpower your grades will thank you for all the hard work.


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