Spring Breaking at Home

Ladies and Gents, Spring break is upon us which means golden tans, margaritas and partying all day and night long. Unfortunately, like many other college students I am spending my spring break at my parent’s house while they travel to Colorado and leave my brother and I behind, yay! (Sarcasm) I thought of different ways to make my spring break into a not- so – boring spring break after all and liked to share it with you guys!

First thing is first, as horrible as it might seem to not go on a trip this spring break it’s not so bad after all when you think of all the money YOU DON’T have to spend.

  • Start a DIY project- have you looked at all the Pinterest DIY’s of the crazy things people make out of literally nothing at all? Try it out

  • Check out your local libraries and check out a great book!

  • Have a gossip girl marathon (even though you’ve watched the series 30 billion times)



  • Start working out and get your fitness up.


  • Walk your dogs

  • Have a self – relaxing spa day

  • Lay out a chair in the backyard and start tanning  

  • Try spring cleaning

  • Check out any hole in the walls coffee shops and restaurants

  • Have a “me” day

  • Go on a picnic

  • Bake goodies

  • Make banana splits

  • Go shopping!


  • Watch YouTube videos to learn how to get the perfect cut crease

  • Ride your bike

There are plenty of fun things to do if you’re spring breaking at home and many unknown places to discover. Make sure to use your google maps and get creative!



Happy Spring Breaking, Y’all!