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Shows I Will be Binge Watching During the Break

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I got behind on a lot of shows this year and so many came out during this semester. So that is why this Christmas break, when I am not reading, I am going to be binge watching shows. Here are some that I know I am going to be watching and where you can find them if you want to join the party!


The Good Place - Netflix

            I have been meaning to watch The Good Place since it came out in 2016, but I never got around to it. My friend loves it and has convinced me to finally get around to watching it. The Good Place is a comedy about the afterlife and it seems that Elenor has accidentally been allowed into the “Good Place.” It also seems that everything has started to fall apart since she arrived. 


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Netflix

            Everyone has been raving how good the new Sabrina is and I am so excited to watch it. I loved the original show and this one seems so much darker, which is exciting since I love horror movies. This Netflix original came out in October of this year and I can’t wait to have time to watch it. 


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Black Mirror - Netflix

            I know I am super late to Black Mirror. From what I heard this is like a modern Twilight Zone which is really cool. I don’t know why I pushed off watching it for so long. The first episode came out in 2011, so yeah, very late to the party, but I am here now!  


Riverdale - Netflix

            The first episode of Riverdale aired in January 2017, so I am not as late to this one. This is a dark retelling of the Archie Comics. I know very little about Riverdale other than that people love it. I am looking forward to seeing what the hype is about. 


Once Upon a Time (Season 6 and 7) - Netflix

            I have been watching Once Upon a Time for years now and every time I feel like I am almost caught up a new season comes out. Once Upon a Time is one of those shows that you have to take a break from because the characters are so frustrating, but you can never just stop watching. This show is about fairytale and legends that were forced to live in our world with no knowledge of their old lives until “the Savior” comes to town. If you like fairytale retellings, I highly recommend checking it out.


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Stranger Things (Season 2) - Netflix

            This is another one I am late to the party for. I loved Season 1 of Stranger Things,but I just never got around to watching Season 2. I honestly don’t know why. Stranger Things was an awesome SciFi show about a group of kids who have to save their supernatural friend El and survive aliens. If you haven’t watched Season 1, go watch it now!


Castle Rock - Hulu

         Castle Rockis a psychological horror show based in a Stephen King multiverse starring Bill Skarsgård. What more do you need to know, honestly? This one was released over the summer when I was working and taking classes, so I didn’t even have time to think about this show, but this break I am definitely binge watching it. 


The Good Doctor - Hulu

            The Good Doctor is another show that I have been wanting to watch for a while now. This TV drama is about a doctor, played by Freddie Highmore, who has autism. I love Freddie Highmore, especially in Bates Motel so I am looking forward to watching him in this role. 


            I may not get to watch all of these shows over the break, but I am hopefully going to knock some of them off my list. I hope you guys get some time to watch some of your favorite shows over the winter break as well! 

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