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SFA’s Very Own: Men of Achievement

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.

Photo by: LaShauna Bell

When joining school organizations what is it you look for? Do you look for fun? Community service? Great parties and even better social events? Or do you look for organizations that are faith based?

No matter what it is you want, the perfect organization is out there.

I dug deep and found an organization that I thought was amazing for men who wanted the experience of brotherhood without having to join a frat.

Men of Achievement, MOA for short, is an organization based off of community service, brotherhood, and Christianity. The three upstanding pillars of Men of Achievement are Christianity, brotherhood, and professionalism – which is why these men dress up to look nice and spiffy every Tuesday. You can see them all across campus dressed in what southerners would call their “Sunday best”. The men of MOA strive to help everyone in need, no matter their age, location, or ethnicity.

Upon looking over the organization in its entirety, I would say that being a part of such an organization could be beneficial to any man that chooses to join in the future, especially if they’re looking to further their relationship with God. The organization, is again, big on faith and getting as close to God as physically and spiritually. They have Bible study every Thursday followed by an in-depth discussion.

After speaking to one of the members, John Singleton, I learned that MOA helps men become more organized and pushes them to step up and take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Accountability means something to these men, and if they catch each other slipping, they’ll help each other up with a warm and understanding hand. No questions asked.

They make it their business to inform other men about all things that are relevant and not to focus on worldly and materialistic things. Staying focused in order to turn their dreams into goals is important to them.

So many men, especially the ones of our generation, are lost –caught up in the spoils that the world has to offer and are driven solely by desires both positive and negative. This why I see MOA as an important organization to have on campus. It keeps men shaped up, accountable for their actions, keeps them wrapped in the word of God, and reminds them through community service that the world is full of those who are less than fortunate. From what I’ve seen the MOA have no problem spending time doing what’s right, and empowering other men to do the same. 

I'm a senior at Stephen F. Austin State University, currently majoring in Multidisciplinary Studies with the drive to one day become a novelist and a nurse.
Brianna is a Psychology major with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies here at SFA. She is passionate about people and that's how she landed a spot as CC for Her Campus' chapter at SFA! She enjoys hanging out with her cats, getting tattoos, and doing research. Her passion is to help the LGBTQ+ community by focusing on LGBTQ+ health and therapy in the future.