Savings 101

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We have all been there where we are desperate to get some, money but don’t have the time for a job.  When you don’t know how to make money, a solution is IBOTTA. I was one of those people who would save money but was still living paycheck to paycheck. Then someone told me about the amazing app Ibotta. This app pays you to shop, I know it sounds magical. All you need is to save your receipts and scan them in afterward.

Ibotta helps you save money for many stores, restaurants and more. With the savings raining in from Walmart, H.E.B, Target, Sam’s (and more) the possibilities are truly endless. While there are a handful of apps like Ibotta out there, I believe it is Ibotta that has saved me the most money. Especially when it comes to buying my groceries, this app is a lifesaver. In just 3 months, I have saved $200 in groceries alone. If you want to save money while shopping, then Ibotta is the perfect app for you.