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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.

It’s that time of year where countries around the world are dedicating their time to educate others on how important it is to be eco-friendly and keep our planet clean. The pictures above are the result of throwing away plastic instead of recycling it or using re-usable items instead. All over the planet people continue to show ways you can keep the beaches and ocean clean and, believe it or not, some them are fairly simple.

Here are some ways to help:


This movement is becoming a trend among companies and countries all over the world. Many are trading in their plastic straws for re-useable ones. It can be hard to remember to say no especially if you tend to go to places that automatically give you one. Which is why the best thing you can do is bring a re-useable one wherever you go and always decline them in places that offer them. Companies are now making them so they can fit in your pocket.


Grocery shopping is a big one when it comes to throwing away plastic, which is why the best way you can avoid this is by getting reusable bags which most grocery stores sell for a few cents more. And I know most people think “Why in the hell would I spend money on a bag for groceries?”, well the answer is simple. Many sea animals confuse plastic bags as jelly-fish or small fish and not using disposable plastic bags helps fish actually eat the food they’re supposed to.


As summer is coming, and everyone wants to go and relax on the beach, just remember that while it may not be your home and you don’t depend on it, other wildlife does. Always remember to clean up after yourself and if someone else doesn’t, do it for them. If you don’t then you are basically still leaving trash behind. And what better way to enjoy the beach than when its clean?


When going on vacation to placeswith large beaches and resorts, make sure you do not purchase or use any products that contain marine life. National Geographic and PETA speak on how this kills our ocean even faster, especially when it comes to the coral life.


For anyone who plans to go on a boat or kayak, just remember the ocean is not some large trash can that you can use. Don’t throw things away in the ocean because while it may be convenient to you it’s harmful to the wildlife just a few feet below.


While many believe the increasing carbon levels are minor or don’t exist, scientists worldwide have confirmed that average temperatures have been rising and that human activities are largely responsible for it. When carbon levels in the atmosphere increase they trap heat. This causes everything on the surface,including the ocean, to heat up. This injures and kills a lot of sea life, so try to minimize that footprint.

There are still countless ways to help keep the ocean and beaches clean, all it takes is the initiative to look them up. Also, the next time you want to go to some beach resort, those places keep their beaches clean so more people can come but just know your local beaches can look like that too, as long as you stick out a helping hand.


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