Next in Fashion Review

There are a ton of binge-worthy shows on Netflix, and I have watched a good amount of them. One of the newer ones that is worth watching is Next in Fashion. Normally, I don’t watch this kind of show, but I highly recommend it to people who love competition reality shows and are interested in fashion. There are elements that make it engaging for everyone. I’ll give you a rundown of the concept so you can see why it’s worth a watch!


The basic premise of the show is similar to the Project Runway style, but without the unnecessary drama. Tan France, fashion icon on Netflix’s Queer Eye is one of the hosts, and his genuine nature helps the show feel more encouraging rather than competitive. There are 24 contestants at the beginning, which are paired off to work in teams until about halfway through the show, when only eight contestants remain. At this point, it’s everyone for themselves competing for $250,000 and their own clothing collection through an international fashion brand, Net-a-Porter. As the stakes rise, so does the love between the contestants, as many of them will ask for honest advice from their competitors and everyone is being honest without spite, which is heartwarming to watch. The competitors are also challenged in two-day spans to make lingerie, rock inspired looks, denim, and a grand finale of ten looks in three days. There is also a lot of diversity in the contestants, which is refreshing. Plus, it shows the audience the fashion of a variety of different cultures, which not many people get exposed to on a regular basis.


Even if you don’t know anything about fashion, like me, this show is fun to watch. A lot of times, shows that focus on a specific set of skills tend to assume that the audience knows what everything means. Next in Fashion assumes the audience has some knowledge, but most of the extremely technical terms and concepts are either left out or explained by the hosts or the contestants so that it’s more understandable for a wide array of audience members. The show also teaches about the fashion world, what they are looking for as far as fashion, and some of the weaknesses that can hold the contestants back from winning. This was a feature I liked a lot because it made me feel like I understood the fashion world, which is genuinely foreign to me; and why some things that I may think aren’t cute are actually exhibitions of talent and innovation, and are to be taken as art pieces.


I won’t spoil anything, but if my description of the show interests you, I highly recommend you give it a shot. You never know, it could become your new favorite!