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This October, I experienced my first college Homecoming Week, and it was better than I expected! To those who do not know, Stephen F. Austin State University’s Homecoming Week was held from October 21st to October 26th this year, and there were so many events that the school’s Traditions Council created for everyone to enjoy. This year’s theme was “Music Festivals,” so there was music involved every day at each event. Some of my favorite events were the Homecoming Step Show, the Homecoming Bonfire and Concert, and the Lumberjack Football Homecoming Game.

SFA’s 4th annual Homecoming Step Show had almost everyone filled with so much energy up until the final seconds of the hour. The show, which was held from 7 to 9 P.M. on Thursday, October 24th, featured performances by several of SFA’s sororities and fraternities and a dance-off for prizes. Darren Brand graced SFA with his presence by taking on the role of Master of Ceremonies (also known as an M.C.). Better known for being a regular television personality on MTV’s “Wild N’ Out—among other known titles—Brand gifted his comedy stylings on stage to the excited audience. During each performance, there were laughs and bursts of “Oh!” and “You better hold it!” as many members from the audience expressed the importance of the performers holding themselves up on one leg.

Photo: Office of Multicultural Affairs // Twitter @ OMASFA

I have been excited to participate in the Homecoming Bonfire and Concert event since my arrival at SFA. On Friday, October 25th, I was not disappointed as I stepped onto the freshly moist grass at the Intramural Fields at SFA. The bonfire was lit by several members of a fraternity before the concert began, as it took some time to be completely lit. After that, the 2019 Homecoming Court was announced on stage before the long-awaited show. Even though it had been excessively sprinkling all day, no one cared as the audience was serenaded by the musical duo 3OH!3. The event was filled with laughter and lots of screams from everyone (fan or not), and some people were warmed a bit by the huge bonfire that was a fairly safe distance away. For an added effect to the event, fireworks began to go off during the concert. It was as if the whole night was a huge party that included at least half of the school!

Photo: LaShauna Bell

Lastly, the 2019 Lumberjack Football Homecoming Game took place on Saturday, October 26th, in which SFA played against McNeese State University. There was a lot of emotion throughout the crowd as Lumberjack fans wanted their team to win the game. Unfortunately, the final score ended up having McNeese State as the victor with 33-10. It was also one of the rarely cool days in Nacogdoches, TX, and some of the people in attendance were taking advantage of it by sporting fashionable outfits (me being one of them). I was more excited to see if the spirit teams performed anything different than usual, but it was mostly the same routines, just minor differences.

Photo: LaShauna Bell

I had so much fun that entire week, even with the amount of homework I had to do. I can’t wait to see what next year’s Homecoming Week would be like!




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