My Favorite Non-Disney Animated Movies

As the year comes to an end, it is during these last two months that spending time with family and friends becomes more abundant. One way that my family spends time together is by watching movies. As a child, we had shelves full of DVDs and we would choose a movie, which was difficult in my house considering that we were all very partial to a particular movie, but eventually after 30 minutes of bickering we would come to a common consensus and then we would all settle down together around the TV and enjoy the movie and each others’ presence. Especially as a child I enjoyed watching animated movies and growing up I LOVED Disney movies just as much if not more than any other little girl, but there were certain movies that will always bring back a sense of nostalgia and just pure joy that aren’t Disney.



1. Quest to Camelot

This movie brought me to the discovery of one of my most favorite songs, The Prayer by none other than the beautiful and talented Celine Dion.   

2. Iron Giant

This movie has a special place in my heart, as this was my brother’s favorite movie when he was  younger and I remember always watching this with him.

3. Thumbelina

I could not tell you how much this movie made me want to be a fairy and find someone that will sweep me of my feet, literally, and make me a princess.  

4. Anastasia

The song “Once Upon A December” was my anthem before I knew what the word anthem meant and I have many memories playing with my Anastasia doll while the movie played in the background. 

5. Spirit

Has a child I was obsessed with animals and the moment after watching this all I wanted for Christmas was a horse, which never happened, but I always put it in my letter to Santa.   


These movies made up most of my childhood and I have so many memories that surround each one of them. I hope that y’all check them out if you haven’t seen any of them because they seriously mean so much to me.