A Letter to my First College Roomate

     Photo by: Ashlyn Eustace

Man, I was terrified when the day came to meet you, but it was an exciting terror that I don’t think I have ever felt nor will feel again. Those first few awkward days flew by, and all of a sudden we clicked. We have less than two weeks left of living together, and I just want to reflect on the things I love and am going to miss about being your roommate.

            I’m really going to miss a lot of things, like our late-night talks when we couldn’t sleep and the random trips to the store when we were bored. We never went out and partied together, well except for that time we did and decided we didn’t like it, but that was okay because we have our movie nights with Ben and Jerry’s and all the food we can manage to eat. You made me feel like my ‘homebody’ personality wasn’t a bad thing, and I’m so grateful for that.

            Your endless support has helped me get through so many things. You had your fair share of problems, but you always made time for me and never hesitated to give your honest opinion. You had my back 100% and I’ll always have yours. If it wasn’t for you and your words of wisdom, I would not be where I am now. I just hope you know that while we may not live together anymore, I am always there for you and would do anything for you.

            There’s so much I could say about our friendship and how special it is to me, but I think what is most important is how we developed from close roommates to genuine best friends. You are my other half and I can’t see it any other way. You have made such a positive impact on my life and I can’t imagine life without you.

This isn’t goodbye, just see ya later.