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The Kinds of Friends You Need in Your Life

What makes someone your friend? Are they funny? Do they listen to your problems and try to help you? Maybe they just know how to have a good time.

As we grow up we go through different changes in our lives and with those changes comes different kinds of friends, but not all the friends you make you’ll keep. That’s perfectly normal, but do you know what kind of friends do you need? The people that you associate with says a lot about who you are as a person–are these people saying something good? or bad? Here are some friends you should definitely have around: 

The Funny/Goofy Friend

This is the person that always has you laughing. They never fail to make your day just a little bit better. They seem to never take anything too seriously and it makes them so great to be around.  

The Mom

This is the person that is always looking out for you. They’re so selfless and always put others first. They’re always there when you need them, and you can always count on them. Having this friend around is so great it’s like having a second mom, hence the name. Plus, they always give the best hugs.

The Talker

This is the person who always has a story to tell or has something new and exciting to talk about. This person has a way of making a conversation about anything. You know if you’re hanging out with this person there will never be a dull moment because they’ll have something to say.

The Fun One

This is the friend that always has awesome ideas. They’re always trying new things and going on crazy, spontaneous adventures. You know that if you ever need to mix things up or even try a something new this is your go-to person. They seem to know how to good have time and this person will have you on your toes.

The Listener

This is the friend who you can go to about anything and they’ll listen to every single word you say. They’re not real big on talking, but you know they’ll listen. This person is probably shy and isn’t too fond of speaking out loud but they’re always there for you.

The Inspirational One

This is the friend who inspires you. They’re always doing something good and being successful that it makes you want to be the same way. They’re probably always going above and beyond with school and trying to be involved and you just wonder how they have the time and energy to balance everything. This friend is going to be your motivation to better yourself because if they can do it so can you.


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