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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.

As the Fall semester gains momentum, the unpredictable hands of college are yanking you toward a life with new pressures, perspectives and decisions. 

But don’t worry! This crossroad will be a monumental growing experience. There will definitely be a few bumps in the road, as things rarely go exactly as planned. 

Like a metronome keeping a newly-unique beat steady, I shall share my beneficial advice for when the waters rock the boat. I have figured out three simple ways to increase self-reliance and self-determination.

1. Find Your Purpose

Most of us are guilty of staying up late, waiting until the last minute and binge watching season after season on Netflix. The truth is that it is called “mediocrity,” and it is the demise of our productivity and forward thinking. As an aspiring student, you need to understand the core foundation of self-control and self-discipline. Realize the true reason why you enrolled in college. Start by doing the things that you want to do, not what other people think you should do. Remember, don’t let “setbacks” or “sidetracks” get in the way of your vision! SFA offers many clubs, organizations and on-campus activities that can help you pave a better path for the future.

2. Take Responsibility

Wake up. Go to class. Ask questions. Provoke critical thinking. At first glance, it requires doing things that seem dull, routine, and tedious. In all honesty it is usually is a drag, but taking responsibility is satisfying and will help you gain confidence as you take control of your own life. Get into the habit of owning up to your actions during your college experience. DO YOU!

3. Be Informed

Convert fear and anxiety into encouragement and reassurance. To help subside any overwhelming feelings, take this as a chance to learn and expand your knowledge. Proactively observe your environment and stay updated with campus events and news. Once I understood the importance of self-determination and self-reliance, I was immediately directed toward a more positive life. I tell every new student that utilizing self-reliance will perpetuate your ability to control emotions, desires, behavior, etc., which will undeniably result in better grades, environments and overall success. 

Don’t forget, college is the place to shake hands and network for future opportunities in the career world. Don’t let distractions and temptations obscure your goals and visions. If you are a new student at Stephen F. Austin, be the difference among peers. Be the student who controls their own life through self-determination. Utilize self-reliance to help you take control of your own destiny and gain a positively new perspective of life. The opportunity to redefine your existence lies in the realm of Stephen F. Austin State University.

The choice is yours.

        I am a mass media, mass communications undergrad with a concentration in journalism and a minor in marketing. I will have a bachelor of arts degree come December 2016. I grew up in and around The Woodlands, Texas. I devote my spare time towards music, writing, and brainstorming with others. Forward thinking and being openminded is a major goal I strive towards . I am interested in strategic planning, branding, web design, sustainable (community) development, and most types of writing; news writing, copywriting, sports writing, etc.          I believe the key to working hard is to not take yourself too serious. Other than that, I enjoy running, boxing, exercising in general, cooking, and my black labrador retriever, Lou. I am open to new opportunities.
Hi! My name is Andréa Tinoco. I am a senior at SFA, majoring in journalism and minoring in general business. My position at Her Campus SFA is the Campus Correspondent as well as Editor In Chief. My passions include writing, reading, running and yoga.