Getting Back into the Grind

So lately I have been finding myself very stressed out with school and life, which has resulted in a chaotic and disorganized mess that has just thrown up all over my life. I mostly think it is due to the multiple midterms and homework load that has sent me over the rails lately. Despite the stress and chaos, I am still determined to put on my big girl panties and get back into the grind.

Now I don’t know about everyone else, but if I have a messy room and or workspace I can’t even function. Some parts of me think that when I clean instead of doing homework it’s just another form of procrastination, but the other part of me is so particular about the environment I’m in while studying that I choose to listen to the latter to make myself feel better. Sometimes it’s almost a warmup to get my brain functioning before I actually start doing homework or studying. One thing I have also realized is that if I start doing a load of laundry before I start doing homework, by the time my clothes are dry it provides a great stopping point to get a mental break.

Another useful tool I have been utilizing more often is a planner. I personally prefer a physical copy because when I physically write something, I feel I remember it better and I can get really distracted when I am on my phone. I take maybe an hour to plan out the next week; one, to make sure that I make any additions to my week and, two, to double check that everything is written down correctly. For me, I also love to decorate my planner using stickers and cute pens to make my planner seem cuter. So, when I see that I have four tests due next week, but it looks cute on the page, it makes it seem less bad.

Photo Credit: Lexus Jacobs

So, if anyone else is feeling overwhelmed with school or just general adulting, first take a minute to take a breath and assess the situation, then create a plan of attack. Once you have a plan you need to hold yourself accountable and follow through with your promises. I do realize that stuff happens and plans change, but as long as you try your hardest to put your best foot forward, that’s the best anyone can do.