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This may sound crazy, but it’s actually gentle on the taste buds compared to other food combinations. The coffee creamer does NOT replace the milk; instead, you just add a splash of it to the cereal. I recommend Cheerios with vanilla or original flavored creamer, and Lucky Charms with vanilla creamer. Surprisingly enough, adding creamer to Cinnamon Toast Crunch doesn’t change the flavor that much, but I guess hazelnut creamer would complement the cinnamon well. Coffee creamer adds a nice sweetness to any cereal!


It’s like effortless nachos! Whenever you’re in need of a quick, filling snack, just dip some Doritos in a cup of sour cream and you’re good to go. You may think sour cream is quite bland and contains way too much fat, but the Doritos bring that missing flavor and it’s a treat. It has the same effect as a bagel with cream cheese.

Tajin & Applesauce

Tajin is yummy on whole fruit and fruit slices, and it’s just as good on mashed fruit as well. Applesauce is good on its own but adding tajin in it gives it an extra kick that you didn’t know you needed.


Chocolate-covered fruit gets all the hype, but have you tried dipping your fruit in plain sugar? Yes, pure sugar and nothing else. Sugar also pairs well with strawberries! This one is for those times when your sugar tooth is raging more than usual, or if you want a candy hack.

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