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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.

Homecoming is a series of different events that can take place over several days. These festivities, which can typically range from musical events to football games, are organized by the high school or university for all current students, alumni and faculty to enjoy. In most cases, homecoming is held to a high standard for college students. This is a week for all of them to temporarily forget about homework, classes and work, and just get together and show their school spirit. In honor of SFA’s homecoming being this week, I decided to do some research and find a couple of unique homecoming traditions that are practiced across the nation.


1. Blood Drive: University of Missouri

Since about 1985, the University of Missouri has been working with the American Red Cross every year to collect blood donations. Donations come in from students to alumni and even faculty. This is said to be one of the largest student-run blood drives in the country!


2. Yard Fest: Howard University

Yard Fest is a musical event held annually on the eve of Howard University’s football game. This fest has been going on for several years and still reigns as one of the most popular homecoming events held at Howard. Yard fest has become a huge platform for hip-hop mainstream and upcoming artist such as Notorious B.I.G. in the 90’s and more recently Drake in 2012.


3. Lantern Walk: Arizona State University

Every homecoming since 1917, Arizona State students gather around a “mountain” that is located on their campus. Current students climb up this mountain while holding lanterns. Once they make it to the top, they organize themselves into the shape of an “A”. These lanterns are used as a symbol of “passing the torch” from the graduating seniors to the next years seniors. Music and speakers are provided to hype up the students as they make their climb.


4. Bed Races: Ball State

Stemming from some bored frat boys in the 1980’s, Ball State holds an annual Bed Race competition. It is exactly as what you may be thinking. This competition involves students racing on mattresses that they construct into “cars” that are adorned with wheels and other objects. Individuals gather on the Friday of their homecoming weekend to watch people race on these beds. It is a hilarious and fun event that brings everyone laughter and joy.


5. Homecoming Bonfire: Stephen F. Austin State University

Saving the best university for last, Stephen F. Austin holds a big bonfire every homecoming. All the current students and alumni gather in Nacogdoches, Texas to mingle, celebrate their university and watch the bonfire light up the night sky. Student leaders light this bonfire the night before the homecoming game, and afterwards there is a big musical event that is hosted by different artists every year.

I hope that by reading this you all have learned about some unique and interesting homecoming traditions. I also hope everyone here at SFA has a safe and fun homecoming. Axe Em’!

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