Encouraging Words for First Year Students

Coming to college is a very fun and exciting new experience. Many get their first taste of freedom, as well as the opportunity to start anew in a different environment. College can also become lonely and very stressful, I know that in my very first year I became very homesick quite easily. I had never really been on my own and I had a very young niece and nephew at home who I was missing them grow up, which broke my heart. I even went home after the first week and cried when I came home to my family. After a while it did get better and I would try to only go home once or twice a month but it was still kinda hard, especially when I was overwhelmed with trying to balance a social life and keeping good grades in school.

Nevertheless, I made it through my first year of college, through the sleepless nights studying, the long hours practicing my music and hurting when my friends were hurting. I did it. So, if anyone else out there needs some encouragement, just know that there will be a lot of good times and some bad, but you can do it.