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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFA chapter.

Will you be voting on Tuesday, November 2nd? Here is some last-minute information on what you will be voting on.

All this information is found at the link below, I have just simplified these propositions to make it easier to understand for the reader/voter.


State of Texas Proposition 1

If you are in favor or against the organizations authorized by Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association to conduct raffles for charity at rodeo venues.

State of Texas Proposition 2

If you are in favor or against a county being able to issue bonds or notes to finance the building or re-building of underdeveloped areas of that county.

State of Texas Proposition 3

If you are in favor or against “this state or a political subdivision of this state from prohibiting or limiting religious services of religious organizations.”

State of Texas Proposition 4

If you are in favor or against changing the requirements to be eligible for district judge, judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals, and a justice of the Supreme Court.

State of Texas Proposition 5

f you are in favor or against the SCJC having additional powers such as accept complaints or reports.

State of Texas Proposition 6

If you are in favor or against the right for residents of certain facilities to have an essential caregiver with a person the facility may not prohibit in-person visits.

State of Texas Proposition 7

If you are in favor or against a disabled, 55 years or older, surviving spouse to get a limit on the school district ad valorem taxes on the spouse’s residence home.

State of Texas Proposition 8

If you are in favor or against a person killed or hurt fatally in the line of duty to get exempted from ad valorem taxes (all or part of the market value) of the residence home of the surviving spouse.

Regardless if you are for or against these propositions, I ask you to vote if you are a resident of Nacogdoches, Texas. Even if you are a resident in another area, do not forget to stand up for what you believe in and make changes around your community. And one of the biggest ways to do that is to vote.

Hannah is a Mass Communications major with a concentration of Broadcast Journalism. She is a Libra Sun, Pisces Moon, Aquarius Rising. She is a lover of plants, crystals, astrology and anything crafty.