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Dustin Lynch’s ‘Current Mood’ Will Be Your Favorite Mood

        When I heard that Dustin Lynch was releasing a new album I was so excited. I’ve been a fan for years now! His last album Where’s It At was released in 2014 so this new one was long overdue. His new album Current Mood was released on September 8, 2017, and it is amazing! Current Mood is chill with a touch of sexy that helps to put you in a relaxed mood. The album features 13 songs, 7 of which were written or co-written by Dustin himself.

     The album opens with “I’d Be Jealous Too” which is about a guy talking about how amazing his girlfriend is, and that he’d be jealous too if she was with some other guy. The intro for the album kind of sets the tone, but there are a few surprises in between that captivates your attention. The album ends with “The Sun Don’t Go Down on That” a love song about a summer romance that he can’t get out of his head. I think all the songs are amazing, but the stand out tracks are “New Girl”, “Back on It”, “Small Town Boy”, “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”, and “Here We Come”.

      “New Girl” is an ode to any woman in a bad relationship who should probably leave. I feel like so many women will be able to relate to that song! “Back on It” is about two exes basically falling into bad habits with each other, again that makes this a relatable song for anyone with a rocky past relationship. “Small Town Boy” is a love song about a girl loving him for who his is and all his small-town ways. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”, this is one is heartbreaking in a good way. I find myself listening to this often. With Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town backing him, Dustin croons a song about wanting to move forward or end the relationship. Cue the tears! And “Here We Come” is just a gritty party song guaranteed to have you feeling ready to dance.

      These are some of my favorites from the album, but the entire thing is incredible. It’s an ode to relationships from break ups to make ups to hook ups. There is literally a song for anything that you could possibly imagine. Dustin has grown as an artist, and it is evident within this new body of work. I recommend giving it a listen, and I can promise that you won’t regret it!


Track List

  1. I’d Be Jealous Too
  2. Seein’ Red
  3. Small Town Boy
  4. Why We Call Each Other
  5. Here We Come
  6. Love Me or Leave Me Alone (featuring Karen Fairchild)
  7. Back on It
  8. I Wish You Were Beer
  9. State Lines
  10. Party Song
  11. New Girl
  12. Why Not Tonight
  13. Sun Don’t Go Down on That


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