A Dummies Guide to Super Bowl LIII

The Super Bowl is an annual competition for the title of the best football team in the National Football League (NFL). This year marks Super Bowl 53 where we will see the Los Angeles Rams battle the New England Patriots at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. 



Tom Brady 

Tom Brady has been playing for the Patriots since the year 2000 where he was picked 199 in the sixth round. Since then he has competed in eight Super Bowls, this year being his ninth, and out of those he has only lost three. Throughout his career, he has been given many awards and broken numerous records. He is often referred to as one of (if not the) greatest quarterback of all time. 



Jared Goff 

Jared Goff has been on the Rams since his first-round pick in 2016. He was named the most improved player of 2017 by the PFWA. Still, in his 20s he shows a lot of promise for this up and coming team.



Half Time 

After the first two quarters, the halftime show will begin with Maroon 5 as the headliner and joined by Travis Scott and Big Boi, an Atlanta native. 


Overall this is going to be the battle of the best against the best. The Rams seem to be the underdogs going into this fight. With a team that hasn’t seen the Super Bowl since the 2000 and a quarterback who’s only been in the league for three years. Compared to Tom Brady, who is now showing up for his ninth Bowl game and has shown little weakness going into the game, we will just have to tune in this Sunday and see.