DIY: Cheap Halloween Costumes

For college students, Halloween is a very busy time. Due to tests and homecoming obligations, no student really has enough time to sit down and formulate an amazing Halloween costume. While a few students are still taking time to build a perfect replica of the Wonder Woman costume, I, like many students, are planning on only buying two new items for my costume before the big day. While all of our typical shopping spots in Nacogdoches have an impressive pre-made Halloween costume collection, here are some simple (and cheap) Halloween ideas.



  1. Rosie the Riveter, the cultural icon of World War 2: Rosie was created to represent the women workers in factories and shipyards and can be easily recreated with a jean shirt button up, a red bandana, red lipstick and any type of bottoms—the best part for leggings-lovers like me. Or if you want to jump ten years later, consider dressing as a Greaser from Grease, which  is another quick and easy option. Chances are you already own a nice pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Lace up your white Converse and then top off the look with a jean/leather jacket.

  2. If you have ever walked past a dumpster and thought, “Wow, that really speaks to me,” then dressing up as a simple trash can be the perfect gag costume. All you have to do is cut holes into a trash bag, and wear literally anything underneath it.

  3. While this costume may be a little extra work, you can create a look that screams “It’s Raining Men” with some sticky tack, hot guys’ faces and an umbrella of your choice. You attach the faces to the umbrella and BOOM— raining men. Bonus points if you add a rain coat, rain boots, or a net to catch all the men.

  4. Karen Smith from Mean Girls as a mouse: “I’m a mouse duh – you know…from the…. Yeah”. This look is a little daring, but it’s just a black lacy dress and some mouse ears. This look is like, so fetch.

  5. If you’re a mega 90s fan, go as a Beanie Baby. You simply cut out a heart in the shape of the tag, draw out the tag logo with a white paint pin and a cute onesie. If you don’t have a onesie, consider an outfit in the colors of your favorite Beanie Baby.

  6. Medusa, the mythological snake lady that literally kills with her eyes, can be portrayed with a store-bought bag of fake snakes—slap a white dress on, tie your hair up into a halo braid (check Youtube for tutorials!), then tuck some fake snakes into the braids.

  7. Another cute and simple look that only requires some simple store-bought items is a 80s-fitness instructor. This look needs a neon leotard, bright tights, some vibrant leg warmers, white sneakers and a cute scrunchie. Get ready to dance the night away in this ensemble!


There you have it, a cheap and easy costume list to party the night away. Go out in your DIY costume, drink responsibly, and eat marked-down candy the next day.