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BTS: International Superstars

            The boys have done it again! Korean boy group BTS are due to have their comeback in the next few weeks, and ARMY (BTS fans) mayhem has already begun.  The to be released album, Love Yourself: Tear, had already garnered 1.4 million pre-orders in the few weeks it’s been available to multiple online platforms, and the numbers keep rising, even as I write this. 

This is definitely a feat considering their last album (which I own) Love Yourself: Her, had, according to Soompi.com, “recorded a total of 1,051,546 stock preorders”.  This means that the Love Yourself: Tear has surpassed its predecessor. 

However, that’s not the only exciting thing happening. Just announced a couple of days ago, BTS is going to perform their new title track song from the upcoming Love Yourself: Tear album at the Billboard Music Awards May 20th. It’s a very exciting moment for the boys because they are performing where western music stars have also performed one. Not only that, but BTS will be the first Korean boy group to ever perform on the Billboard Music award stage! It’s a monumental time for the boys and for the fans alike.

[Courtesy of LG and Big Hit Entertainment] 

Breaking News! 

Just announced 4/26, BTS are going on a World tour in countries like: S. Korea, America, Canada, France, Germany, etc. with more to come! 

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